I won the Daily Telegraph Science Writer Awards!

Me smiling about winning the Daily Telegraph’s Science Writer Awards.So. I have some exciting news – I’ve just won this year’s Daily Telegraph Science Writer Awards, the UK’s most prestigious science writing competition. This has been a bit of a labour of love for me – it’s the fourth time I’ve entered, and in each of the last three years, I’ve received runner-up prizes.

My article (Grammar – a weapon against bacteria) is published in the Daily Telegraph today along with a rather nice photo of me at London’s Science Museum. The photographer has done a superb job of covering up the fact that I had just had a bad case of food poisoning and hadn’t eaten for a few days. He also got us permission to sit in the museum’s jet engine…

Obviously, a large picture of me can only hurt the Telegraph’s sales, but I’m really rather chuffed. I get published in Britain’s highest-selling national broadsheet, some as-yet-undefined work experience there, and a not inconsiderable cash prizes. I also get to attend a lunch with as many of the judges as can make it, including some really important people in the science-writing field and possibly, the absolutely legendary Sir David Attenborough.

(Photo taken by Ian Jones)

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  1. Congratulations Ed!!
    You deserve it:-)

  2. I have just finished reading your wonderful prizewinning article in The Telegraph. Congratulations too on having 2 entries considered to be good enough for final judging. I look forward to reading more of your blog which I have now ‘bookmarked’.

  3. Amazing news, Ed. Way to go.

  4. Wow, Ed! This is tremendous good news! Except that I suppose it’s inevitable now you’ll leave blogging to hang out on the international party circuit. And you a married man! Tsk! Tsk!

    The award is so well deserved.

  5. Nice. Tell David Attenborough hi…
    I believe the 1000 quid should go towards a 3rd honeymoon, which would make you and your lovely wife newly-wed legends! (though 2 honeymoons is already a little excessive)

  6. Congratulations! Any idea why bacteria don’t evolve resistance to these peptides as quickly as they do to other antibiotics (most of which also have natural origins)?

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  8. Thanks everyone! Welcome to new Jill and other new readers, and thanks to Paul, Amuirin and the other regulars for your continued support. I’m still riding high on the news but my face is currently on the front of our company intranet and I think my work colleagues may be a bit tired of me looming down upon them.

  9. William Burroughs compared words to viruses in an essay a while back. Look up “Word Virus.”

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