New carnivals

A couple of carnivals have new issues up, with some posts of mine kindly included. Have a look at these for some interesting collections of science posts (although I can’t guarantee that these’ll be aimed at non-scientist readers).

The 33rd edition of Encephalon (a carnival on neuroscience and psychology) is up at GNIF Brain Blogger, with a post I wrote about how doctors repress their empathy to the pain of their patients. I especially like a post from PsyBlog where a scientist narrates his own stroke and two posts from Distributed Neuron on how birds sense magnetic fields and how getting neurons to grow could help to treat Huntington’sDisease.

Elsewhere, The Other 95% is hosting the 90th edition of Tangled Bank (a miscellaneous science carnival), with a post I wrote on how bacteria turn into super-virulent bugs after a trip into space. You might also want to check out posts on the timing of childbirth from A Blog Around the Clock, the problems facing coral reefs from Planet Doom, dengue fever from A Mad Tea-Party and horned dinosaurs from Living the Scientific Life.

Updated: Friday Ark #160 has just come out with posts from me about how bees scare elephants away and cycads manipulate insects for sex with heat and toxic odours.

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