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A couple of weeks ago, Paul Sunstone from Cafe Philos ebulliently tagged me with an Intellectual Blogger Award and some kind words about my blog. I’ve been a bit remiss in continuing the chain so without further ado, here are my picks:

Unspeak, by Steven Poole. I came onto this after reading Steven’s book of the same name, which makes an eloquent and well-argued case for the role of words as weapons in the 21st century. Have a read and you’ll never see the phrases ‘war on terror’, ‘community’ or ‘sound science’ in the same way again.

Bad Science, by Ben Goldacre. There is no better place on the Internet for seeing quackery and awful pseudo-science being dismantled with scathing wit and scientific rigour.

The Loom, by Carl Zimmer. Carl dishes out some of the world’s best science writing in newspaper articles, books and his own blog. His clarity of prose is an inspiration for people like me who are starting in the field.

The Evilutionary Biologist, by John Dennehy. It’s good-humoured, well-written and focuses very much on the science, rather than the creationism/ID debate. The historical persepctive of some of his posts are particularly interesting.

Retrospectacle, by Shelley Batts. A top neuroscience blog with heaps of personality and a healthy dose of unabashed geekiness.


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  1. Thanks! I will display this proudly!

  2. Thanks too! Although I’m not called Chris. 😉

  3. Dammit! I think that was because I recently wrote about a Chris Poole. I have changed the post accordingly.

  4. […] at Not Exactly Rocket Science, has put up his picks for the award here. They, too, look well worth checking out. Posted in Blog Awards, Ed Yong, Hume’s Ghost […]

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