How I had lunch with David Attenborough and other stories…

Hi folks,

It’s been a stressful week and I’m ill – hence the dearth of recent posts. To tide you over for a bit, here’s some miscellaneous stuff from me:

Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year – I’ve been to this superb exhibition every year since 2002 and this year, I had the privilege of going to a media preview and reviewing it for Nature Networks. Have a look. It was great to talk to some of the winners; their commitment and passion for their work was infectious.

Lunching with David Attenborough – It’s not everyday you get to meet your childhood hero, except of course, for last Friday, when I spent most of the afternoon having lunch with Sir David Attenborough. The lunch was a prize-giving for the Daily Telegraph Science Writer Award and in a ludicrously jammy move, I was sat between Sir David and Philip Campbell, editor of Nature.

I spent three hours or so talking to them about science, evolution, my job, blogs, writing, documentary-making, and everything in between. It was incredibly relaxed and informal – neither of them gave any sense of superiority. Getting to meet David Attenborough is one thing, but actually getting to debate with a British institution about science and nature was quite another.

And really, aside from the wedding, I don’t think I’m going to get a better moment this year than the editor of Nature telling David Attenborough OM CHS CBE FRS that he should read this blog.

Anyway, I now have David Attenborough’s card (and his place-holder, which will sit atop my monitor at work and confuse people).

Carnivals – Various blog carnivals have featured posts of mine including:


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  1. Wow, that picture… the elephant, it doesnt even look like photography, it looks like a painting. A really cool painting.

    That’s very, very sweet about the luncheon. For halloween, I’m gonna call you a hob-nob-goblin.

    cus you hob-nobbed with… yeah, you get it.

  2. I just knew it! Ed’s hobnobbing with the rich and famous now. I’d like to point out that I predicted this would happen when he won the Science Writer Award. Can the fast lane with Paris Hilton and Courtney Love be far behind?

  3. If Paris Hilton is the future, I think I’ll stick with the current level of hobnob(gob?)bing. 🙂

  4. […] another year finishes and it’s been a good one for me. I won a writing award, got to talk to David Attenborough and started a freelancing career. Luckily, the Christmas break has provided some much-needed […]

  5. Sounds like a great year!

    I don’t know much about Attenborough, but I’d love to meet Sir Patrick Moore.

    Many pleasant wishes for 2008!

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