Ed vs. Gravity

For the next week, you’ll hear tumbleweeds blowing through this blog as I will be on holiday. I’m going to Whistler, Vancouver, where I will be sticking two flimsy strips of wood to my feet and throwing myself down a mountain at high speed. I see it as a challenge to both cold and gravity.

I’ll be writing a few things while I’m there so expect some good stuff the week after. For the moment, feel free to scour the Site Index for oldies-but-goodies or have a look at my Review of 2007 for more focused recommendations.

A word about comments: This blog’s comments policy are set so that anyone who’s had a comment previously approved can post more, but any newbies have to be moderated first. If you’ve never commented here before and your comment doesn’t show up until next week, that’s why.

2 Responses

  1. Wood? In a world of composites? Just got back from my annual ‘ensure-gravity-is-still-working’ in Les Gets, France. Broke my left arm – but skiied to the medical center at the bottom of the piste :D. Have fun and dont do anything I would!!

  2. Well I’m back and safe. Nothing broken and while I did have three classic wipeouts, they were all in deep powder and were really quite funny. Like skiing into a bowl because of poor visibility and going straight into the far wall.

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