“Begin PHASE TWO!” – I’m moving to ScienceBlogs…

So, I have some really exciting news – this blog is evolving. After 18 excellent months at WordPress, I am packing up and moving over to ScienceBlogs, a collection of some of the best, er… science blogs on the Interweb.

I want to assure current readers that the blog is not going to change, (well, except in look). Even though the blog will have some academic neighbours, my mission statement of making science interesting and fun to as many people as possible remains the same and the pitch of the writing won’t change.

I still have full freedom to write about whatever I like and if anything, I’m hoping that the scrutiny of a tight community of experienced bloggers, many of whom are hardcore scientists, will push me to ensure an even higher level of accuracy in what I’m putting out.

So for the moment a massive round of thanks to everyone who continues to read and support this blog. The growing traffic and the generally positive comments from people are really gratifying and I’m really excited about the next step.

In a couple of weeks, the new blog should be ready, I’ll post up the new URL, raise my hands in the air, say “Begin Phase Two!” and cackle maniacally.

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  1. Congrats Ed! This is really exciting news!

  2. Looking forward to having you on the team, Ed!

    … and you really need to sign up for the internal forums.

  3. oh…my bad…i just saw your latest post. sounds great. I already updated my feed and links.

  4. Ed, I loved your award winning piece, “Grammar, A Weapon Against Diesease” and became a pen. Keep on what you are good at, and I am so glad that I became to know your site. Thanks.
    AriSan from New York

  5. Go Ed!

  6. I am new to your blog but since reading this article i have followed you to your new blog Scienceblogs and it is possibly one of the best blogs i have ever had the pleasure of reading.

    Please keep up the good work.

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