What people said

This is a page of the things that people have said that have given me enough encouragement to carry on writing.

“You should read his blog – it’s very good.”
Philip Campbell, editor of Nature, to Sir David Attenborough

“I think you’re doing a superb job of keeping the articles fun and light but still keeping the intellectual meat in them.”
Tom King

“So well written it could pass for literature. Among the very best science writing I’ve found on the net to date.”
Paul Sunstone, Café Philos

“I wish in Italy we had someone who writes about science in such an enjoyable way. You are truly inspiring.”
Odiamore, Odiamore

“I really love your blog and see it as the way science blogs SHOULD be run, rather than “smart” clips and quips like those I have read on 95% of those I have encountered.”
Michael Fitzgerald

“If you’d taught my high school science classes, things might have turned out differently…”
Amuirin, Stop and Wander

“Your writing along with Bill Bryson’s A Short History Of Nearly Everything account for most of my accumulated science knowledge. Thanks for making science interesting.”
The Gorilla Guys, The 800lb Gorilla

“So this guy is apparently really smart. Like, even smarter than my dad. Even better, he writes in this clever way that I’d think would break some rules of physics: taking interesting and complicated science and recycling it in an enjoyable and understandable way for everyone. … I’d think winning the Daily Telegraph Science Writer Award is a pretty concrete demonstration of awesomeness.”
The Silent LOL

“Well-written, comprehensible and clever with beautiful pictures, [this blog] really deserves more recognition. There’s probably one or two sites on the web that are able to be so up-to-date and informative on the subject. It’s a mental joyride to read a text from someone who can compose at such level.
Harg on TK2A forums

“[Ed] writes with so much passion about biosciences he sparked a genuine interest and curiosity towards molecular biology and ecology in a “hardcore” chemist like me.”
Sandesh, Just Chromatography

“Thank you for being a quality source for science writing. It is appalling how the mainstream press reports on science topics. Your entry on Indohyus was the best I found.”
Keri Dearborn

“I think you’re doing a superb job of keeping the articles fun and light but still keeping the intellectual meat in them.”
Tom King

“You have an excellent, very enlightening blog!”
Professor Bruce Olsen, Olsen @ Large

“Through your blog, you have constructed a virtual bridge between me and the elites, by explaining things in a down-to-earth manner.”
Srinivasa Ramanujam, Novice Academician

“I’ve recommended your site to several of my students. The material on it is clear and interesting, and seems to cover a range of topics not found on other science blogs I’ve looked at. Thanks and please keep it up!”
Pat Bowne, Alverno College

What the scientists who did the research said:

“You have a wonderful grasp of the intricacies of evolution of cichlids in Lake Malawi, as well as where our little paper fits into that bigger picture. Thanks for bringing it to a wider audience! Keep up the great work!”
Michael Pauers, author of the Lake Malawi cichlids study

“I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding treatment of our recent Science paper, “100% accuracy in automatic face recognition”. Yours was by far the best report that came out of this, and I can only envy your talent for this kind of writing.”
Rob Jenkins, author of the face recognition study

“Great write up of the research paper…certainly among the best and most accurate out there…thanks so much for your interest, and for the excellent and lucid summary!”
Todd Palmer, author of ants and acacia study

“I think your blog was the first to really carefully read the paper and say ‘Hey, this is well-written!’ which was particularly rewarding since we expended so much effort in making the paper as clean and readable as possible”
Erez Lieberman, author of verb evolution study

“Just a quick note to say thanks for a very nice job on the platelet death story – we’ve spoken with a number of people, and there’s been quite a bit of stuff written about the work, but I thought your piece was easily one of the most articulate and insightful to date.”
Benjamin Kile, author of platelet study

“Ed — Really enjoyed reading your distillation. You broke it down perfectly!”
Indrani Ganguly-Fitzgerald, author of fly sleep study

“I was planning to e-mail you to let you know how much I enjoyed your blog post! I’ve been passing it around to my family and friends so that they will finally understand what it is that I study. As an editor, I really appreciate lucid, engaging writing – thanks!”
Chelsea Wood, author of parasites study

“I just wanted to congratulate you on the nice article you wrote about our experiment. Tianming and I felt you captured the key points of our study and communicated them very well.”
Paul Shadlen, monkey statistics study

What the critics said

“I find this site rather shallow and pendantic.”
Some spellcheckerless bloke

“can i just say this website is crap because you need some illusions on their so people can go onto this site and say `oh i want to have a go at doing that’ and you expect people to give u some get some of ur own first you dickheads. if u wanna get wat u want give the people somot first and then they’ll come running to u. Oh by the way sorry bout calling yous that before its just i’ve been trying to find a site that with illusions to do all night. sos”
“Megz aged 11”. Yes, the children are our future.

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  1. […] have said wonderful things about Ed.  Over and again, folks ranging from laymen to professional scientists have praised both […]

  2. […] have said wonderful things about Ed. Over and again, folks ranging from laymen to professional scientists have praised both […]

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