About me

EdEd lives in London with his wife and works as an Information Officer at Cancer Research UK. After leaving university with degree in hand, he made an abortive foray into scientific research before realising that he much prefers to talk about science than to actually do it.

This blog began as an attempt to get some regular practice at science writing. Ed likes (a) science, (b) writing, and (c) the Internet, and therefore reasoned that he would probably enjoy (d) writing about science on the Internet.

Over a year on and Not Exactly Rocket Science has since taken a life of its own and (shh, don’t tell anyone) has actually accrued an audience. Ed now writes between 2-3 new articles a week for it, sticking to his original mission statement of explaining science in an engaging and understandable way, and only ever writing from original research papers.

Ed nabbed 3 consecutive runner-up prizes in the Daily Telegraph’s Science Writer Awards from 2004-2006, before finally winning the competition in 2007.

Ed finds writing about himself in the third person strange and unsettling. Occasionally, he stands in front of swirly backgrounds. The photo above makes Ed look suave, but he’d like to assure you that he’s really not.

15 Responses

  1. What no Alice in the pic of you????

  2. We’re not quite joined at the hip yet! Plus I’m already told by friends that I am nothing like as suave as in that photo, so putting an attractive woman in with me would *completely* give people the wrong idea.

  3. So where did you end up after you jumped into the Time Tunnel behind you?

  4. At a drunken party with your mum, just under 30 years ago. There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you…


  5. Nice photo Ed!

  6. Wow! Ed, yours ranks among the very best science writing I’ve found on the net to date. Thank you so much for it!

  7. Great stuff. Thanks for making a science blog interesting enough to bookmark. Be back.

  8. This site accomplished to goals. (1) I bookmarked something at all, and (2) it was a science site. You have done great things Ed- your work is done here! j/k!

  9. […] interesting one on general science is the Not Exactly Rocket Science which in the words of the author Ed is “my small attempt to celebrate science and to make it interesting and fun, by giving […]

  10. Hey Ed,

    Excellent blog posts. That stick of good writing, really has done some good!
    As an editor for The Issue, a recently launched Blog Newspaper, I’ve featured one of your posts in the Science and Health Section. We handpick top blog posts each day to create a daily online newspaper.

    I’d love to follow up via e-mail – feel free to send me one my way when you get the chance: jb [at] TheIssue [dot ] com

    Jean-Baptiste Cossart

    Science & Health | The Issue

  11. Hi Nice Blog

  12. Ed, you did a great job researching. BUT I still think humans are unique.

  13. Dear Ed,
    Thanks for your interesting interview with Sir David.
    I am looking to get in contact with Sir David Attenborough asking for a lecture in Germany 2009.
    Can you give me a contact adresse, how I can reach him in a personal way?
    Merry Christmas & greetings from Germany

  14. […] interesting one on general science is the Not Exactly Rocket Science which in the words of the author Ed is “my small attempt to celebrate science and to make it interesting and fun, by giving jargon, […]

  15. Being Rick Charnov’s little brother, I am impressed as to the comments,content, and format that you have presented my brothers life work..He has impressed me all my life, but to actually see others extoll the compliments on his fantastic lifes work, “bravo” for recognizing and acknowledging it. I take my many hat’s off to you and what you are doing.

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