Other writing

In addition to writing this blog, I’m also starting a freelance science writing career. Here are some links to other pieces elsewhere on the web.


24/01 – Nature News – Blind fish see shadows
23/01 – Nature Network – Beetlemania
23/01 – Nature – Preview: Revealing reptiles
09/01 – Nature Network – At home with Attenborough


18/12 – Daily Telegraph – The GM crop that will sow less bitterness
17/12 – Nature Network – Swapping hoodies for lab coats
29/11 – Nature Network – Social networking two million years ago
29/11 – The Economist – Riding piggyback – How MRSA is jumping from pigs to humans
22/11 – Nature Network – Gordon Brown opens Launchpad gallery at the Science Museum
31/10 – Nature Network – Wiki-book on chlorine heralds new style of undergraduate teaching
29/10 – Nature Network – Review: Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007
26/09 – Daily Telegraph – Tardis returs to earth (on tardigrades in space)
18/09 – Nature Network – The fall and rise of British lefties
28/08 – Daily Telegraph – Grammar, a weapon against bacteria


07/01 – New Scientist – How cats’ eyes keep the world in focus

3 Responses

  1. Hi Ed,
    I am so pleased to have found this site (through the Daily Telegraph science writing competition 2008)! I have just started a PhD in neurotoxicology, and am interested ultimately in combining my interests in science and in writing.
    I hadn’t heard of the Ebola virus before but your article on it was well worth reading; your writing style really allows your enthusiasm for the research to come across. It’s also good that you provide links to your published work – e.g. NT-MRSA in ‘The Economist’. Should I manage to achieve a career in writing about science, I aspire to a similar clarity of writing style. I will certainly return to this site!
    Best of luck with your freelance career!

  2. Welcome to the site Abi – the comments are really appreciated.

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